Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? Video by Paul Austin Kelly

This is the title tracks from the Walking Oliver CD. This case for the extinction of the dinosaurs is based on current scientific evidence.  The words and music are by Paul Austin Kelly and the cover art and dinosaur is by Korky Paul.


Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
Words & Music by P.A.Kelly


Sixty-five million years ago
On the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico
There crashed a mighty asteroid of ten miles wide, or so
Sixty-five million years ago

Sixty-five million years, my friends
And sixty-four before the first homo sapiens
The Earth was ruled by dinosaurs but this came to an end
Sixty-five million years, my friends


Where did the dinosaurs go?
Where did the dinosaurs go?
Tell me does anyone know?
Sixty-five million years ago.

Sixty-five million years, my dear
The asteroid threw tons of dust into the atmosphere
The dust blocked out the sunshine on our planet far and near
Sixty-five million years, my dear.

Sixty-five million years, I said.
Without life-giving sunlight all the plants would soon be dead.
Without life-giving plants how would the dinosaurs be fed?
Sixty-five millions years, I said.

(repeat REFRAIN)

Sixty-five million years ago,
The shockwaves that were started in the Gulf of Mexico,
Would spread around the world and see the dinosaurs laid low!
Sixty-five million years ago.

(repeat REFRAIN)

 Lyrics copyright © 2005, P.A. Kelly


Youtube : Where Did The Dinosaurs Go

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