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The Ugly Bug Ball

Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Words & Music by
Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. ShermanArranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly

Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: Sing-Along 2
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The Ugly Bug Ball

Once a lonely caterpillar sat and cried

To a sympathetic beetle by his side

“I’ve got nobody to hug!

I’m such an ugly bug!”

Then a spider and a dragonfly replied,

“If you’re serious and want to win a bride,

Come along with us, to the glorious annual ugly bug ball!”


Come on let’s crawl (gotta crawl, gotta crawl)

To the ugly bug ball (to the ball, to the ball)

And a happy time we’ll have there,

One and all at the ugly bug ball!

While the crickets clicked their clicking melodies

All the ants were fancy dancing with the fleas!

Then up from under the ground

The worms came squirming around!

Oh they danced until their legs were nearly lame

Every little crawling creature you could name

Everyone was glad,

What a time they had!

They were so happy they came!

(repeat Refrain)

Then our caterpillar saw a pretty queen.

She was beautiful and yellow black and green.

He said, “Would you care to dance?”

Their dancing led to romance!

Then she sat upon his caterpillar knees,

And he gave his caterpillar queen a squeeze.

Soon they’ll honeymoon,

Build a big cocoon,

Thanks to the ugly bug ball!

(repeat Refrain)