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Grand Old Duke of York video from Through Tenderwood

Here’s Richard Durrant taking the lead vocal in The Grand Old Duke of York from the Through Tenderwood CD.  See the lyrics below:

Grand Old Duke of York

(trad., arr. by P.A. Kelly/R.Durrant with additional lyrics by P.A. Kelly)

The Grand Old Duke of York,
He had ten thousand men.
He marched them up to the top of the hill
And he marched them down again.
When they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only halfway up
They were neither up nor down.
The soldiers all agreed that if they got the chance,
They’d have less grief and a far better chief
For soldiering for France.
The horses were so tired from going up and down,
And doing all the bidding of this pompous royal clown.
When they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only halfway up
They were neither up nor down.
 Youtube : Grand Old Duke of York – Childrens Song Nursery Rhyme

“Wheels on the Bus” video by Walking Oliver

Paul Austin Kelly singing one of the great favourites of children’s music. From The Walking Oliver Sing-Along CD with cover artwork by Korky Paul.  


Well, the wheels on the bus go round and round
round and round
round and round
Well, the Wheels on the bus go round and round
All around the town! Etc., etc.



Youtube : Wheels On The Bus

New WO Video: Hickory Dickory Dock

Join the crazy mouse who thinks it’s cool to run up and down grandfather clocks!  Beware when the clock strikes, though.  

Hear Paul Austin Kelly sing while you check out the crazy scribbles of Korky Paul.



Youtube Video : Hickory Dickory Dock – Childrens Song Nursery rhyme

New Walking Oliver video: BINGO!

From the Walking Oliver Sing-Along CD here’s Paul Austin Kelly singing Bingo.  Enjoy the crazy drawings of Korky Paul (Winnie the Witch, Professor Puffendorf’s Secret Potions, The Dog Who Could Dig and many others!) as you follow along with the words, clap and sing loud!


On Our Youtube channel: Bingo Song

Eency Weency Spider video

Introducing a new Walking Oliver video! We’re expecting it to be the first of many.  

This is a true childrens music classic––Eency Weency Spider.  It’s arranged and sung by Walking Oliver’s own Paul Austin Kelly and illustrated by the wonderfully zany Korky Paul of Winnie the Witch fame.  It also has the all the words so your child can follow along.  

We hope you’ll enjoy it.  Afterwards please leave us a comment and tell us how you like it what other songs you’d like to see made into videos.



On Our Youtube Channel : Incy Wincy Spider

Debbie and Friends'

Last week we brought you one of Debbie and Friends’ great cartoons, Cinderella, which has been viewed on YouTube about 33 thousand times. Wow!

Well, hold onto your hat, because this week’s cartoon has been viewed over 210 thousand times!! Now, that’s pretty amazing. We at Walking Oliver are proud to bring it to you here, since the story of Jack and the Beanstalk has also been referenced in the hit movie Puss N Boots (which is kind of weird in a fairytale-in-a-fairytale-Shrek-spinoff, sort of way).

Here we see the story of Jack, the giant, the beanstalk and a magic singing harp, set to a great song by Debbie and Friends.


Let's Go! with Susie Tallman & Friends


Susie Tallman – Let’s Go! Travel, Camp & Car Songs
Reviewed by Paul Austin Kelly

Here’s an absolute joy to have along when you’re on a trip or on holiday with the kids––it’s a Susie Tallman CD full of camping songs and sing along favourites. Right from the opening title cut, Let’s Go!, you’ll know you’re in for a happy experience. Fun and goofy songs like Polly Wolly Doodle and Madalina Catalina are mixed with more sensitive ones like Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind and You Are My Sunshine. Susie’s voice is clear and beautiful with fine diction and expressiveness, and she’s always in tune! The production values here are the very finest, too. This is a professional album done with tender loving care. Nothing but the best for your kids and that’s what you get with a Susie Tallman CD.

Check out the opening 5 songs from the CD!



Debbie and Friends'

Debbie and Friends has a bunch of great cartoons based on favorite fairy tales. Cinderella is a timeless story, told a million different ways.

However, Debbie tells it through a rockin’ good song that shows the power of friends and positive attitude.

Sticking to the basic story, a few characters are slightly modified for fun and effect. We at Walking Oliver had fun spotting the new character – and the Debbie and Friends band, too. See if you can spot them!

Review: Paul Austin Kelly - Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?


Paul Austin KellyWalking Oliver’s own Big Cheese – sets about for us to learn some lessons about the world around us, before us and inside us on one of his latest records, Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?.

Opening with “Life is for Learning”, a song about, well, embracing all there is to learn when you get up every day – the good, the not-so-good, everything – and how it gives us the opportunity to make a difference. Encouraging sentiment, to be sure.

Considering the world around us, concepts like recycling (“Life Recycle”), being better stewards of the earth (“Bicycles”), and personal safety (“Don’t Talk to Strangers”) are explored and celebrated.

Listen to the first 5 tracks of the album here:

As you can hear, this album is all about our place in the world, and how we can all contribute to making it a better place. So too, can we learn a bit more about ourselves and our place in society, as in songs like “Little Jumping Gene”, where our differences and similarities are explained and in one of my favorites, “Randall the Vandal”, whose antics are hardly tolerated. Clever lyrics with a clear message.

All the songs are beautifully sung in Paul’s great voice, who also does all his own backing vocals. The huge advantage to that is that everything’s in tune, which is always a pleasure to hear. A very cool example of this effect can be found in the title track, along with a cool groove and some sweet backwards-tracking.

The educational bent of this album lends itself to being  a great addition to a library, school, home or otherwise.