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New video of Beans featuring words by Michael Rosen!

Walking Oliver’s distribution arm calls it a day

We’re very sad to report that Walking Oliver will no longer be distributing CD imports of our American artists.  This is mostly due to the rapid fall in sales of the CD format as well as the current trend of ‘streaming’ as opposed to downloading songs.  We will of course continue selling CDs and downloads of our own label, Walking Oliver.  We would like to thank our roster of past artists for their continued support and patience and we wish them all the best of success in their pursuit of excellence in the field of childrens music.

Paul Austin Kelly


Video: Walk Away by Debbie and Friends

Check out Debbie and Friends as they tell you how to deal with bullies!

Watch the creepy


Skeleton Key was written by me over a decade ago.  It was the very first song I wrote and recorded for Walking Oliver.  You can find it on the Rap ‘N Roll CD.  You’ll also find another Halloween song there called Haunted House.  I love scary songs!
(Written and performed by Paul Austin Kelly)

VIDEO: Walking Oliver’s theme song – Deep Down in the Music

Check out Oliver’s new video, featuring his very own theme song, Deep Down in the Music.  Also meet Ollie’s mates–– Feargal, Nasreen and the Berkshire Quartet.

The Olympic Torch passes through Ollie’s town!

See the streets of Oliver’s little town of Lewes, East Sussex lined with 30,000 people waiting to see the Olympic Torch pass by.

“The Origins of Walking Oliver” video

Ever wondered how a music company gets started?  Get it here from the horse’s mouth.  Paul Austin Kelly talks candidly about how it happened and what inspired him to write and record songs for children and then turn it all into a full-time business.

ABC Song Alphabet Song – Phonic Song

ABC Song Alphabet Song – Phonic Song

Youtube: ABC Song Alphabet Song – Phonic Song

Danny Boy

Danny Boy


youtube : Danny Boy Londonderry Air

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor



What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor