Review: Paul Austin Kelly - Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?


Paul Austin KellyWalking Oliver’s own Big Cheese – sets about for us to learn some lessons about the world around us, before us and inside us on one of his latest records, Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?.

Opening with “Life is for Learning”, a song about, well, embracing all there is to learn when you get up every day – the good, the not-so-good, everything – and how it gives us the opportunity to make a difference. Encouraging sentiment, to be sure.

Considering the world around us, concepts like recycling (“Life Recycle”), being better stewards of the earth (“Bicycles”), and personal safety (“Don’t Talk to Strangers”) are explored and celebrated.

Listen to the first 5 tracks of the album here:

As you can hear, this album is all about our place in the world, and how we can all contribute to making it a better place. So too, can we learn a bit more about ourselves and our place in society, as in songs like “Little Jumping Gene”, where our differences and similarities are explained and in one of my favorites, “Randall the Vandal”, whose antics are hardly tolerated. Clever lyrics with a clear message.

All the songs are beautifully sung in Paul’s great voice, who also does all his own backing vocals. The huge advantage to that is that everything’s in tune, which is always a pleasure to hear. A very cool example of this effect can be found in the title track, along with a cool groove and some sweet backwards-tracking.

The educational bent of this album lends itself to being  a great addition to a library, school, home or otherwise.

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