Rain, Rain, Go Away! (Paul Austin Kelly & Richard Durrant)

Here’s an original version of the old nursery rhyme Rain, Rain, Go Away, written by Paul Austin Kelly and arranged by P.A. Kelly and Richard Durrant. It’s from the Walking Oliver CD Through Tenderwood


Rain, Rain Go away


Rain, Rain Go Away,
Come again some other day.
When you fall down every day
My feelings fall with you.
All my friends have gone away
Because you’ve made the sky so grey
And you won’t let the sun come shining through.

Rain, rain, tell me why,
When you make wet out of dry,
Does your falling from the sky
Bring life to everything?

If it’s so, perhaps it’s true,
That I have been too hard on you
So please forgive me now for what I sing.

Please come again in the night when I am sleeping
And let the trees and the animals partake.
It’s just that I cannot bear to see you weeping
When I’m awake.

 Youtube : Rain Rain Go Away – nursery rhymes and childrens songs

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