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One Misty Moisty Morning

Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Trad.,Arranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly and Richard.Durrant

Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: Through Tenderwood
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One Misty Moisty Morning

One Misty, moisty morning

When cloudy was the weather

I chanced to meet an old man

Clothed all in leather.

He began to compliment,

And I began to grin,

How do you do?

How do you do?

How do you do, again?

One misty, moisty morning

While wandering the seaside,

I found an ancient wooden box

That washed up with the high tide.

So curious I opened it

And much to my chagrin,

Now do you know,

Now do you know,

What peered up from within?

One misty, moisty morning

When traveling by horseback

I happened on a poor maid

All tied up on a haystack.

I cut her bonds so gallantly

She kicked me in the shin,

So fare thee well!

So fare thee well!

And fare thee well, again!