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On Top of Old Smokey

Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Trad., Arranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly

Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: Unleashed on America 
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On Top of Old Smokey

On top of Old Smokey

All covered with snow

I lost my true lover

From courting to slow

For courting’s a pleasure

And parting is grief

And a false-hearted lover

Is worse than a thief

A thief will just rob you

And take all your have

But a false-hearted lover

Leads you straight to the grave

The grave will decay you

And turn you to dust

Not a boy in a hundred

That a poor girl can trust

They’ll hug you and kiss you

And tell you more lies

Than crossties on a railroad

Or stars in the sky

Some come all ye young maidens

Come and listen to me

Never place you affections

In a green willow tree

For the leaves they will wither

And the roots they will die

And you’ll be forsaken

And you’ll never know why

On top of Old Smokey

All covered with snow

I lost my true lover

Come a-courting too slow