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I Don’t Want No Bones For Christmas (I Want An Electric Guitar)

Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Words & Music by
P.A. Kelly
Arranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly

Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: Don’t Want No Bones for Christmas 
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I Don’t Want No Bones For Christmas (I Want An Electric Guitar)

It’s a dog’s life so they tell me

And I guess it’ll always be

‘Cause I’m a big gray dog who eats like a hog

But at least my eats are free

Oh, but this year it’s gonna be different

My stomach will have to wait

Because when Santa gets the gist of my Christmas list

He’s gonna bring me something great


I don’t want no bones for Christmas,

I want an electric guitar!

Don’t bring me rubber balls, give me an old Les Paul

And I’ll be a superstar!

Don’t want no bones for Christmas!

Just forget those chewy toys!

Give me the perfect tool for a rocking fool

to make some Christmas noise!

Write me some doggie pop songs

to howl on MTV!

And all the doggie chicks would dig my licks

My electricity

I’d make some great hit records,

CDs and MP3s.

You’ll be tapping your toes to your radios

When the world discovers me, so–


Don’t want no bones for Christmas

Give me an electric guitar

Scaring off all the cats with my Fender Strat

Would make me a canine star

When I shake my hips like Elvis

And growl that blue-eyed soul

With my axe strapped on I’d be so far gone

The new king of Rock and Roll!

Travellin’ with my guitar

All around the world,

With a cultured tongue and so highly strung

My mane of fur unfurled.

I would fire my pedicurist

Have him thrown right into jail

I’d give him such a nip before I let him snip

My guitar picking nails


No, I don’t want no bones for Christmas

Just want an electric guitar

Oh Santa, please, I’ll give you all my fleas

Won’tcha let me be a star!

I’m not asking you for Britney Spears

Or a brand new Jaguar

But I don’t want no bones for Christmas

I want an electric guitar!