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Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Trad., arranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly
Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: The Walking Oliver Sing-Along
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A frog went a-courtin’ and he did ride

Ding dang dong go the wedding bells

A sword and pistol by his side,

Ding dang dong go the wedding bells

Here’s to Cheshire, Here’s to cheese

Here’s to the pears and the apple trees

And here’s to the lovely strawberries

Ding dang dong go the wedding bells

Mr. Frog went a-courtin’ and he did ride, uh-huh!

A sword and pistol by his side.

He went down to Missy Mousie’s door, uh-huh!

He gave a loud knock and he gave a loud roar

Said, ‘Missy Mousie, are you within?’  uh-huh

‘Ah yes, kind sir, I sit and spin.’

Well he took Missy Mousie on his knee, uh-huh

And he said, ‘Missy Mousie, will you marry me?’

‘Well, without my Uncle Rat’s consent,’ uh-huh

‘I would not marry the president.’

Well Uncle Rat laughed and he shook his fat sides, uh-huh

To think of his niece as the froggie’s bride.

Uncle Rat gave his consent, uh-huh

The weasel wrote the publishment.

Where will the wedding supper be? uh-huh

Way down yonder in a holler tree.

What will the wedding supper be? uh-huh

Fried mosquiter and a black-eyed bee.

The first guest in was a bumbly-bee, uh-huh

He danced a jig with a crooked back flea.

The next guest in was a little black tic, uh-huh

And he ate so much he made himself sick.

They all went sailin’ across the lake, uh-huh

And they got swallered up by a big black snake.

Little piece o’ cornbread sittin’ on the shelf, uh-huh

If you want any more, better sing it yourself.