New Walking Oliver video: BINGO!

From the Walking Oliver Sing-Along CD here’s Paul Austin Kelly singing Bingo. Enjoy the crazy drawings of Korky Paul (Winnie the Witch, Professor Puffendorf’s Secret Potions, The Dog Who Could Dig and many others!) as you follow along with the words, clap and sing loud!

On […]

Eency Weency Spider video

Introducing a new Walking Oliver video! We’re expecting it to be the first of many.

This is a true childrens music classic––Eency Weency Spider. It’s arranged and sung by Walking Oliver’s own Paul Austin Kelly and illustrated by the wonderfully zany Korky Paul of Winnie the Witch fame. It also has the all the […]

Debbie and Friends'

Last week we brought you one of Debbie and Friends’ great cartoons, Cinderella, which has been viewed on YouTube about 33 thousand times. Wow!

Well, hold onto your hat, because this week’s cartoon has been viewed over 210 thousand times!! Now, that’s pretty amazing. We at Walking Oliver are proud to bring it to you […]

Debbie and Friends'

Debbie and Friends has a bunch of great cartoons based on favorite fairy tales. Cinderella is a timeless story, told a million different ways.

However, Debbie tells it through a rockin’ good song that shows the power of friends and positive attitude.

Sticking to the basic story, a few characters are slightly modified for fun […]