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A Cat Came Fiddling

Lyrics for the Children’s Songs

Trad.,Arranged by Paul.Austin.Kelly and Richard.Durrant

Quality Music for Children
This Song is featured on the album: Through Tenderwood
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A Cat Came Fiddling

A cat came fi ddling out of a barn

With a pair of bagpipes under her arm.

She could sing nothing but fi ddle-dee-dee,

The mouse has married the bumblebee.

Pipe, cat, dance, mouse––

We’ll have a wedding at our good house.

A pig came waddling out of the barn

With a pair of bongos under his arm.

He could sing nothing but baba-loo-bam,

If you like my bacon, you’ll love my ham.

Bacon and ham, bongos and spam––

I make the best sausage in all the land!